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For centuries we have taken advantage of the qualities of natural mineral waters for health and recreational purposes. Portugal is blessed with natural springs particularly in the centre and north. With those springs have emerged over many years many wonderful hotels.

Vidago is a village in the north of Portugal. It has been renowned for its spring waters since the 17th century. Water from Vidago has been bottled since 1886 and can still be tasted directly from the source in its highly concentrated and naturally carbonated form from one of the four spring fountains that reach the surface in the park lands surrounding Vidago Palace.

The Palace was commissioned by King Carlos in 1908. He was assassinated later that year before completion of the Palace. His son and successor King Manuel II was deposed in the republican revolution that swept across Portugal on 5 October 1910. The next day Vidago Palace was meant to open.

Vidago Palace therefore never achieved its original aim of a holiday residence for the Royal Family. But it soon found other patrons and it became a favoured destination amongst European Aristocracy. It was considered to be the most luxurious hotel on the Iberian Peninsula.

With the passage of time it deteriorated. In recent years however under new ownership and management the Palace has been refurbished at a cost of over 50 million dollars. It now boasts wonderful spa facilities, an 18 hole golf course, and a restaurant run by a famous Portuguese Chef, Rui Paula.

From the coast to the Spanish border Portugal’s Centre and North offers history, culture, national parks, mountains and villages of granite and schist. River and ocean beaches. The giant waves in Nazaré where American surfer Garrett McNamara rode a 100 foot high wave.

Portugal may be well known for the wine produced in the Douro Valley. However, the Dao River as it carves its way through granite rock is one of Portugal’s most promising wine regions. Its best red wines are made from the Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional grapes and its finest example of white wine is based upon the Encruzado grape.

On your journey to Vouzela you will experience the warmth and hospitality of the people, the culture, and the produce of central and northern Portugal.

Vouzela is 30 minutes from Viseu, Lamego and an hour from Portugal’s third largest city Coimbra. It was first settled in the eleventh century, although some diggings show evidence of a Roman presence in early AD. A charming and beautiful town. Regular markets are of interest. And if you time your visit you might enjoy the town’s annual sweets festival at the end of July or the Castelo Music Festival in the first week of August. Enjoy the fresh air with walks along Vouzela’s eight easy walking routes. Try the nearby thermal waters. Enjoy the local food. Enjoy the region. And above all enjoy your boutique accommodation at Casa Museu with your hosts Maria and Antonio.

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Day 1

  • Arrive at accommodation at Vidago Palace.
  • 80 minutes massage or wellbeing treatment per person.

Day 2

  • Morning guided trip to Chaves (guide and transport).
  • 80 minute massage or wellbeing treatment per person.

Day 3

  • Full day guided tour of Vila Real, Palácio de Mateus and Quinta do Douro.
  • Lunch at Cais da Vila in Vila Real (two courses beverages not included).
  • Dinner at Salão Nobre Restaurant Vidago Palace.

Day 4

  • Travel to Pedras Salgadas Thermal Spa for full day treatment.

Day 5

  • Travel to Casa Museu.
  • Welcome drinks with local Dao Wine and regional cheese.
  • Explore Vouzela by foot including visit to the museum.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.
  • Accommodation at Casa Museu.

Day 6

  • Enjoy a visit to Termas do Saó, Pedro do Sul and experience hot springs for thermal cures or wellness treatments. Treatments and entry fee to a value of €75 per person.
  • In the afternoon explore a walking trail.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.
  • Accommodation at Casa Museu.

Day 7

  • Day at leisure.
  • Suggest self drive Day trip to Aveiro, Viseu, Coimbra or the Douro Valley with sightseeing tips from your hosts.
  • Dinner at Casa Museu including wine.
  • Accommodation at Casa Museu.

Day 8

  • Visit historical sites in Serra Saó, Macario and enjoy lunch in the mountains.
  • Enjoy an easy afternoon walk in any of the eight walking routes around Vouzela.
  • Dinner by candlelight with wild mushrooms and local produce including wine.
  • Accommodation at Casa Museu.

Day 9

  • Depart for your next CoolPortugal experience.
  • Four nights accommodation at Vidago Palace in a Privilege room
  • Daily breakfasts at Vidago Palace
  • Two 80 minutes massage or wellbeing treatments per person at Vidago Palace Spa
  • Transport and guided tour to Chaves
  • Transport and guided tour to Vila Real, Palácio Mateus, and Quinta do Douro (including tour and entry fees)
  • Lunch at Cais da Vila (excluding beverages)
  • Three course dinner (excluding wine) at Salão Nobre for two persons
  • Full day treatment at Pedras Salgadas Thermal Spa for two persons
  • Four nights accommodation at Casa Museu
  • Daily breakfasts at Casa Museu
  • Welcome drinks at Casa Museu
  • Two dinners at a local restaurant excluding wine
  • Hot springs visit including transport, admission fee, and treatment up to €75 per person
  • Visit to Serra São Macario including packed lunch
  • Two dinners at Casa Museu including wine
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