Cool Portugal

About Us

Hi I’m Ela Dias.

I was born in Brazil but grew up in Portugal where I went to school and university obtaining a law degree from Lisbon University. Practising as a lawyer was not for me and a love of travel and surfing brought me to Australia. Which in turn brought me to my husband and now Australia is my home. However I have many family members and friends in Portugal and as a result Portugal is always in my thoughts and my heart.

Hi I’m Rob McCourt.

In my real life I’m a lawyer. I can’t claim Ela’s Portuguese heritage but I have travelled extensively throughout Portugal. I spent New Years Eve in Lisbon in 1974 not long after Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and although it took me a while to get back I have been lucky enough over the last few years to have travelled widely throughout the country. I’m learning Portuguese so that I will feel more at home in what already feels like my second home.

We are passionate about Portugal. We love Portugal. And we want to bring you to Portugal so that you can experience the warmth , intimacy, history, culture and people of a country with the oldest borders in Europe. Portugal’s iconic music is Fado. Fado is all about passion. Portugal is about passion.

Portugal is Cool.

Experience the undiscovered Portugal.