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Some like the Algarve. Sun Beach and Golf. Others say the North is the real Portugal. Discover the North with four nights in the gorgeous Ponte de Lima. See the historical towns of Viana do Castelo and Braga. Walk for a day on the famous Pilgrims Way. Visit the famous National Park Peneda-Geres. And enjoy the local cuisines and wine. You might still like the Algarve. But you will love the North.

€ 2250 /Group

It is only when you leave the cities that you discover the hidden beauty of a country. Portugal is no different. It’s mountains and valleys are dotted with towns and villages each with their own charm and feel. Cobbled streets. Narrow laneways. The open windows of the houses which interact with life as it passes on the street. Vouzela is such a town. On this five day journey you will experience the delights of rural Portugal.

€ 900 /Group